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Now is the time to build while mortgage rates are still historically low!

Triton Homes can work with you to get the financing you need!  When it comes to the modular home mortgage market, we have access to the sharpest minds in the business.  This saves our customers thousands of dollars that they can invest instead in their new home.

Today's buyer of both new and existing manufactured homes may choose from a wide array of financing options.  Lenders offer a wide variety of loan programs.  Your home can be financed as personal property, on leased land, in a manufactured housing community or on a privately owned site.  Buyers who desire to acquire land in conjuction with the home can finance the home and the land together.  Properly financed, the purchase of a new home leads to equity building for the future.

Here at Triton Homes we are also licensed to sell homeowner's insurance in New York State.  The insurance carriers we utilize are some of the best in the industry to include Foremost, American Bankers and American Modern.

We offer many accessories for your home as well.  We can locate and install any accessory you may want or need such as awnings, steps, decks, skirting, sheds and air conditioning - all at the lowest possible price.  Call us today for a complete list.

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