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What We're Made Of

Ritz-Craft uses only well-established brand name products in the construction of your home, such as Whirlpool Appliances, Kwikset locks and Price Pfister kitchen and bath faucets and accessories.  You can rest assured that all Ritz-Craft homes are built to specifications that meet or exceed local, state and national building code standards.  To name a few,  base specifications feature 2" x 10" floor joists, 2" x 6" exterior walls, R-19 wall insulation, energy efficient Low–E windows and a 10 year structural warranty.  Please inquire with your authorized independent Ritz-Craft home builder for additional specifications.  He or she may also prescribe certain specifications as their own standard. 

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Standard Benchmark Quality Features

Ritz-Craft homes come standard with many high quality features. Not only that, but with the "hidden values" and extra effort our craftsmen put into each home, your new home will be functional and of the highest quality.

Peek Inside a Ritz-Craft Home.

Ritz-Craft's "Hidden Values"

Paying attention to details is what makes homes built by Ritz-Craft better than our competitors'.  In the manufacturing process, we consistently build into our homes numerous construction features that others care not to do.  Singularly these features are good, but collectively they combine to provide you the best quality home possible...

View a slideshow highlighting Ritz-Craft's Hidden Values.

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